About Society

Aim of the establishment of the Society: 

To promote the bird lovers of Sheikhupura and work for the welfare of the bird keepers.


Duties of the Society

The Society aims to:


  • Guide and provide important information about birds.
  • Enhance and motivate the member’s passion for birds.
  • Provide birds’ medication and prescription free of cost.
  • Provide annual dose of vitamins free of cost.
  • Set up dispensaries at various locations around the city.
  • Provide pair of Budgerigar to each deserving member on half price in the 1st years of the Society (however members have to apply properly to avail the facilities.)
  • Provide at least 10 pairs to every deserving member in the following years (however members have to apply properly to avail the facilities.)
  • Offer relief in case of viral death of any member’s birds.
  • Issue identity card of the society to every member.
  • Provide list of phone numbers and address of other members.
  • Call a monthly meeting to settle various issues and find solutions to the problems.
  • Visit and survey bird sheds of every member provided that the member has no reservations in this regard.
  • Arrange an annual bird show (exhibition), for provide entertainment and awareness to common citizen.

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